Intro, Outline, and Bibliography

Amira Davis
4 min readApr 26, 2021

Is it us or the teacher? Are they assigning too much work? Are we paying attention? Are we focus? Is the teacher trying hard enough to help us? Are we learning anything or just trying to make the deadline? I always think of these questions a lot about the teachers or professors. I want to focus on high school and college since people are mature. Sometimes it can be the students, and sometimes it can be the teachers or professors. Maybe the student is the slackers. Perhaps the teacher is not putting in the effort to help the student.

· Frustration with teaching and learning during the pandemic

· is it either/or? How do teaching and learning work anyway?

· Are we learning or just trying to make the deadlines?

· How does learning work?

· The structure around school?

· Are we learning or just meeting deadlines?

Why do teachers give so many assignments? I notice that since the pandemic, teachers are given out a lot of homework. Since we home, they think students have a lot of free time to do these assignments. But we still need time for ourselves and work. I read this article about teachers are giving too much homework with virtual learning. I think it’s true. Students don’t have enough time to study and learn the assignment. They rush to complete it and turn it in by 11:59 pm, and if not, you either receive a zero. Or your assignment considered late. Image taking five or six classes, and you have to go through that in each class. That is a headache and drains you to the point you don’t have time for anything else.

There are times when the students don’t pay attention because they are distracted. Especially on zoom. Sometimes students rather be in school than learning online. But some students are distracted by their cellar devices or daydreaming. I know sometimes being on zoom with a three-hour class can be very boring, and I try to stay focus as possible. But as a student, we should try to stay focus and not blame everything on the teacher.

Then, the problem can be the teacher. The teacher not effectively helping the students. Or maybe the teacher can be strict and rude. When I was in middle school, I had this teacher who always told her student to “figure it out.” Instead of helping us, we had to figure it out ourselves. Even if it wasn’t material, we touched on it. I think teachers should not assign anything without explaining It.

It’s many arguments you can discuss on this topic because the teacher has their side and the student. It can be a situation; the student’s fault because they are slacking and don’t feel like working. It can be the teacher’s fault for not putting in the effort to help the student. I remember my professor said to my class that we would work through this together, and I will teach the hell out of you because that’s what I’m getting paid for.

I notice this thing, and other people have too. For example, my friends posted a meme showing a person on the computer and a quote at the bottom. The quote says am I learning or trying to catch the deadline. It’s like we can’t do anything because we are loaded with work. You can see this issue on popular media, social media posts, magazines, and radio.

Many people don’t have lives, everyday people are getting drained from being on the computer for an extended period. I know me personally; my eyes start hurting me if I’m looking at my laptop screen too long. What can change is the teaching system, maybe? How can they try that? By taking surveys and listen to both sides, the students and the teachers.


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